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Executive Board

The Local 3000 Executive Board is elected every three years.There are 11 positions made up of members from Vancouver Island, Whistler and any unit with over 400 members. There are representatives from Parq Casino, SerVantage, White Spot and KFC as well as two Trustees, President, Vice President, Financial Secretary, and Recording Secretary.

Title: President
Name: Jean Van Vliet
Phone: 604.516.8031
Cell: 604.220.2541

Title: Vice President
Name: Ellen-Marie Moreira
Phone: 604.516.8030
Cell: 604.329.1811

Title: Financial Secretary
Name: Paramjit Birak
Phone: 604.516.8033
Cell: 604.782.8059

Title: Recording Secretary
Name: Shanna Abonitalla

Title: Trustee
Name: Ron Mill

Title: KFC Representative
Name: Alyeh Romasi

Title: Whistler Representative
Name: Kamaljit Tehara

Title: Parq Casino Representative 
Name: Douglas Wu

Title: White Spot Representative
Name: Lorna Spence

Title:  Vancouver Island Representative
Name: Leah Burgess